Where Are We Now? (Or: The First Steps in a 1,000-Step Journey)

The entries so far have focused on the background issues surrounding the royal commission, including terms of reference, commissioners, and ancillary players – counsel assisting, Attorneys-General, and the Catholic PR unit.

The royal commission has yet to appoint all staff or complete the process of receiving victims’ statements. The bill enabling the commissioners to hold separate hearings has yet to be presented to the parliament. Finally, there has not been an announcement concerning when hearings will commence. These milestones will be covered as they are resolved.

In the interim, the postings will cover background issues of what is likely to arise at hearings. This will include previous convictions sorted on the basis of which particular institution was involved and previous response strategies by those institutions. Some attention will also be given to some things that have been learned about the psychology of the abuse, such as victims’ self-images and the power relationship between abusers and victims.

TOMORROW: The Jewish response in Australia

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Lewis Blayse (né Lewin Blazevich)

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