Terms of Reference – Staffing (Or: We’ll Let You Know)

So far, the only staff member announced has been the Counsel Assisting, Gail “Snow White” Furness. Other legal appointments are due from the Attorney-General’s department. An investigative unit, presumably to be drawn largely from the Australian Federal Police, is due to be formed.

So far, again, no-one has been appointed. There has also been no indication of when it is to happen, or indeed, anything about the appointment process or salary scales involved. This is very frustrating, given that it is over four months since the Prime Minister announced the establishment of the Commission.

It is a pity that the mainstream media has not put more pressure on the government to move along with the process. So, in short, we await further movement at the station in the government’s own good time. At that point, the matter can be revisited in this account.

TOMORROW: Who is ultimately responsible?

That’s all I can say

Lewis Blayse (né Lewin Blazevich)


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