Mr Jack Heath (Or: With the Best Intentions)

Jack Heath has been appointed to the Catholic Church’s PR unit for the Royal Commission (the Truth, Justice and Healing Council). Jack is an amazing man who has done amazing things. He may further amaze the Catholic Church by leaving the Council when he realises just how he is being used by the Catholic bishops.

Jack is widely-known and respected for his work in suicide prevention, and the promotion of mental health in young people. In 1996, he founded the Inspire Foundation which runs the youth mental health service. More recently, he established the Inspire Foundation in Ireland and in the United States where he was CEO from 2010-11.

In 2010 he was the subject of an Australian Broadcasting Corporation TV documentary, “Australian Story”. A notable point was that the program was introduced by media mogul, Rupert Murdoch who said “Hello, I’m Rupert Murdoch. Tonight’s Australian Story is about an extraordinary man I first met in 2004, following the passing of my dear sister, Helen Handbury, who was one of his greatest supporters. Jack Heath is a former diplomat and speech writer who once worked as a senior advisor to Prime Minister, Paul Keating. But a series of confronting events led him to abandon his mainstream ambitions and strike out in a whole new direction. Now he’s helping to transform the lives of young people and prevent youth suicide both in Australia and around the world. This is his story.”

Given his passion for youth suicide prevention, Jack no doubt feels this gives him an opportunity to help reduce the number of victims of clerical child sexual abuse who take their own lives. Going by past actions of the Catholic hierarchy, he will eventually be disappointed, and even disillusioned.

While the author is aware of the danger of making predictions, it is felt that he will be the first member of the Catholic PR unit to crack.

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