Catholic Church PR Unit: Rosemary Sheehan (Or: Just Be There)


Image source: Monash University

Rosemary Sheehan (pictured above) is an appointee to the Catholic Church’s PR Unit charged with responding to the fall-out from the Royal Commission. She is a social work academic at Monash University. She has researched juvenile court matters, incarcerated women and the life experiences of women who were sexually assaulted as children and considered the women’s narratives of self within an analytical framework informed by the theory of Foucault.

She appears to simply have the role of making the committee look good.

[Postscript: Is this a new trend? Following mounting losses a Catholic diocese contacted police. It was found that priest Walter Benz had embezzled $1.3 million from parish weekly donations, mostly spent on gambling. The day he was arrested he slipped into a coma. Nine days later, someone entered his room at a Catholic nursing home and removed his oxygen-tube catheter from his nose and the IV needle from his arm. Benz died two hours later.]

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