Where Are We Yet Again? (Or: Paedophile Priests? What? Me Worry?)


Image: Pope Emeritus Alfred XVI

So far, this year, there has been more attention on child abuse by clergy and others than has ever been the case before. The Royal Commission has been taking victims’ evidence in private, and will continue to do so until September or October.

The NSW special commission has finished its first phase, concerning policing, and will resume in late June for the section concerning local clergy. The Victorian Parliamentary enquiry will wind up public hearings next week when Catholic Cardinal “Georgie” Pell is expected to give evidence. It will then retire to produce its report to Parliament.

For the benefit of readers new to this blog, there has been an attempt to also discuss and analyze certain background issues, which might help active people plan their strategies and responses to the various enquiries. Consequently, there have been postings on key players, such as the commissioners and their staff, the Catholic Church’s PR unit, the lawyers employed by the churches and links to some of the activist victims’ support groups. Just use the site search function for individuals, institutions or programs covered so far.

Admittedly, it is partially the aim of this blog to upset some of the organisations being given scrutiny by the commission, but it is not the intention to defame them, so all information gives referencing to creditable sources.

The author is well aware that the postings could be of use to people writing accounts after the Royal Commission winds up, so each posting attempts to give a list of links to help with their research. Also, frequently, the authors of the linked articles give a better, or more detailed, account of the subject matter.

While this is a very serious matter, there have been, and will continue to be, attempts at humour on the basis that sometimes only satire can really get a point across.

The author is also hopeful that some of the insights, gained over a quarter century of dealing with the churches on the issue, into their modus operandi and usual tactics will help others plan their own responses. These are usually written in the first person. See, for, example, the “Really good liars” posting.

Finally, it is assumed that, as media attention waxes and wanes depending on events and competing stories, the regular postings will provide some sense of continuity to those who are very involved with the process, even if occasionally there is not really that much to report.

[Postscript: To those who have been providing feedback and giving me the benefit of their own experiences and thoughts, your efforts are greatly appreciated. The important issues you have raised will be the subject of further postings shortly, and I hope I can do them justice.]

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Lewis Blayse (né Lewin Blazevich)


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3 Responses to Where Are We Yet Again? (Or: Paedophile Priests? What? Me Worry?)

  1. scrive:Egregio Arcivescovo, desidero esprimerLe la mia solidarietà personale e quella dell’Associazione far-Famiglia che presiedo; preghiamo per Lei e per il suo impegno che porta avanti con coraggio, competenza ed efficacia. Con stima ed affettoPatrizio Romano

  2. Hay que ver; mientras otros aún dormíamos la resaca de los ÑH el sábado, Rapa ya estaba en Madrid al pie del cañón. Está visto que no lo cansamos lo suficiente. 😉

  3. Hank says:

    Sep11msphd I don’t watch news coverage on 9/11. I try to avoid social media outlets because of some of the things you allude to in your comment. I think your comment brings up a good point and I don’t think you are dezgilitemi-ing what I experienced or the magnitude of the tragedy. In the future, I do wonder how we can talk about 9/11 and the media’s role in shaping our discussions and memories around that day.

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