Postcards from Rome: (Or: Holiday Reading)


Cardinal George Pell of Australia is having a well-earned three-month holiday in Rome at his palatial digs, Domus Australia. According to his spokesman, Pell will be catching up on some “reading” before going on a “pilgrimage” through Greece, and possibly, Turkey.

Here we see George with his favourite book he will be catching up on.


Of course, he will have to find time to finally read this book, which the boss thinks he should at least skim through.


Here, George is seen choosing some light reading from a Rome bookstore, catering exclusively to Cardinals.


The Domus Australia lounge bar is a good, quiet place to do some serious reading.


Sometime, it’s good to have some friends drop in for a group reading session.


Then, of course, there is reading just to help with getting to sleep.


You never know who you might run into in the public library!


Better to avoid the cheaper book stores, since you might be exposed to books like this.


Here, George proudly points out the library extension to Domus Australia, under construction.


When he wants to get away from the media, George likes to do some “invisible” reading (see previous posting).


In the end, there is only one really good thing that can be read over and over again – The Domus Australia Menu!!


TOMORROW: The Royal Commission releases a discussion paper

That’s all I can say

Lewis Blayse (né Lewin Blazevich)


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