Oversight or Policy? (Or: Information is Power)


The Australian Royal Commission into child sexual abuse web-site has a section labeled “contacts”.  Here, there are indeed a few contacts for victim support. It is not so much what is there, as what is not there that is an eyebrow raiser.

Of major concern is the apparent absence in the “contacts” section of some organisations such as Broken Rites and SNAP, and others. Even if they are there somewhere on the site, the fact that they are not able to be found, even with a thorough search, is a problem.

The Commission will be given the benefit of the doubt, for the moment, that it is an oversight rather than a deliberate policy to steer victims away from some organisations and towards others. This author is not associated with any organisation, and is not making a statement about the particular worthiness or otherwise of any organisations not mentioned by the Commission. My point is that there has been some sort of selection, and this needs to be justified.

The author has e-mailed the Commission to clarify this matter, and the response will be posted when, or if, it is received.

TOMORROW: The Melbourne Response responds after the enquiry is finished – again.

That’s all I can say

Lewis Blayse (né Lewin Blazevich)


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