NSW Enquiry, Session 2, Week 3, Day 2 (Or: Give The Poor Bloke a Break)


Image: Many thanks to Andy from ShatterOurSilence (http://shatteroursilence.blogspot.com.au/)

Poor Bishop Michael Malone has really had a hard time of it because of the paedophile priests under his command in the Newcastle-Maitland diocese.

When he took early retirement a couple of years back, he noted that “I’m emotionally drained by what has happened and feel disillusioned.” He told the local newspaper that he was prone to “toss and turn at night over the sex abuse committed by clergy and experience a lot of anxiety.” Indeed, he played extra roles in his job. As he said, he saw his job as “being both pastor and policeman for the diocese.”

Still not sympathetic to the good Bishop? Try this statement at the present enquiry (which has questioned his commitment to bringing his wayward priests to account): “I pray daily for the victims of sexual abuse, asking God to grant them peace of mind, healing and reconciliation with all people, including the Catholic Church.” The victims will be quite O.K. now, it seems.

When the Commissioner, Margaret Cunneen, asked Bishop Malone if the number of child sexual abuse incidents in the diocese were “greatly out of proportion” when compared to others, Malone was not able to answer the question.

Malone has previously said that he had been very upset, personally, by all of the problems. So, all of those who might be inclined to pursue him about his actions in handling the “evils” in his diocese, should just lay off the poor bugger, apparently.

He has finished his evidence to the enquiry now, so any further revelations will come from other sources. As a man of God, he will also undoubtedly forgive those people who have suggested he did not do enough to protect the many victims of the priests under his control.

Perhaps, Cardinal ‘Georgie’ Pell, 78, can offer the poor Bishop, 71, a week or two at his palatial, $30 million, holiday home in Rome (Domus Australia), so he can recover from the ordeal of appearing at the enquiry.

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