The Commissioners Revisited (Or: Don’t Go By PR Releases)

When the Royal Commissioners were appointed, the government put out a short PR release on the backgrounds of the commissioners, which said very little in fact about the people other than about their  current positions. At the time, this site posted a more detailed look at all the six commissioners and the principal staff, namely Senior Counsel Assisting, Gail Furness, and Junior Counsel Assisting, Melinda Richards.

This was done when the blog was first started and not many people had stumbled upon it. Most people appearing before the commissioners will tend to just accept whichever ones are allocated to them. However, perusal of their detailed backgrounds may have some influence on whether or not people are comfortable with who they’ve been allocated to.

So, for the benefit of people who have come across the site since these backgrounds were posted, the following internal links are given for the commissioners and senior staff. It should be noted that this author has called for removal of one of the commissioners, Robert Fitzgerald, on the basis that he was too closely associated with the Catholic Church to maintain an impartial approach.


  1. The Commissioners (Or: Somebody for Everybody):
  2. Terms of Reference – Allocation for Hearings (Or: To Each their Own ):
  3. (Peter McClellan): The Chief Commissioner (Or: No Juries Please, We’re British):
  4. (Andrew Murray) Commissioner Murray (Or: Barnardos Boy Made Good):
  5. (Helen Milroy) Commissioner Milroy (Or: A First Australian Makes Good):
  6. (Bob Atkinson) The Cop (Or: The Newly-Private Citizen):
  7. (Jennifer Coate) Commissioner Coate (Or: The Legitimiser):
  8. (Robert Fitzgerald) Commissioner Fitzgerald (Or: The Pope’s Man):
  9. (Robert Fitzgerald) Commissioner Fitzgerald (Or: The Pope’s Man), Cont’d:
  10. (Gail Furness) Counsel Assisting, Gail Furness (Or: Snow White):
  11. (Gail Furness) The Star Enquiry, Mark II (Or: Snow White, Cont’d):
  12. (Melinda Richards) Junior Counsel Assisting: Melinda Richards (Or: Chief Assistant to the Assistant Chief):

TOMORROW: The Catholic PR unit revisited

That’s all I can say

Lewis Blayse (né Lewin Blazevich)


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