Federal Government Grants to Organisations for their Royal Commission Responses (Or: Who’s In)


The following list of some of the organisations receiving federal funding related to the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse is given for the purposes of recording the on-going history of the Royal Commission itself.

Relationships Australia is the largest recipient at $11.4 million. This organisation has worked previously with people, following the Forde Enquiry, who were in Children’s Homes. Bravehearts, founded and run by Hettie Johnson, is a general child protection awareness organisation. It received $5.1 million.

The next largest grant went to Anglicare, a general Anglican Church family support services organisation. It received $2,615,000.

Berry St. Victoria received $600,000 while Drummond St. Services Inc. got $1,600,000. These are general child support service providers.

Victim Support Services Inc., which works with adult victims, received $1,050,000.

Micah Projects Inc., operated under the Brisbane Catholic Church archdiocese, is funded partly by the Queensland government and has previously worked with former residents of Queensland Children’s Homes. It received $1.5 million.

Two organisations which work exclusively with former residents of Children’s Homes received grants. CLAN received $1.2 million. It has previously received federal grants. The Child Migrant Trust received $600,000. It has previously received substantial funding from the U.K. government.

Of course, the largest recipient of the federal grants to do with the Royal Commission has been the federal government itself, which received $40 million.

The future grant program from the new government has yet to be announced.

TOMORROW: The NSW enquiry revives hearings in Sydney

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Lewis Blayse (né Lewin Blazevich)


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