Week Two Begins (Or: Need To Hear From You)


The Royal Commission has now finished the first hearings, so there is not a second week to report on. The enquiry will go into recess until at least Monday 21st October, when it is expected to have two weeks on the case of YMCA associate, Jonathan Lord.

There are probably several people who spoke to commissioners, during private hearings, on the Scouts. Nothing has come up so far on these other cases, and it is not known if the commission will revisit the Scouts to cover their stories.

Consequently, this blog invites any person who feels left out of the hearing process to make contact, so that their issues can be raised here.

The same applies to the estimated 200 public submissions to the Victorian Parliamentary enquiry which that enquiry has decided to withhold from the public.

In the case of the NSW enquiry, the tactic of selectively releasing extra data after formal hearings finished is continuing. In the most recent example, NSW Police Chief Scipione, through his lawyer, Wayne Roser (see previous posting) has claimed that Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox, and Newcastle Herald journalist, Joanne McCarthy, “conspired” to make police look bad. As Mr. Fox’s lawyer, Mr. Cohen, pointed out, this was not raised when initial hearings were being held.

As there appears to be a growing possibility that transparency factors are on the rise, this blog will change tack to focus as much on what has not been reported as on what has been reported. This will require feed-back from people who feel that their views, etc. have not been adequately reported on by the enquiries, or the media.

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TOMORROW: So who is Jonathan Lord?

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