Freedom Catering Group (Or: Feeding the Rich)


Image: A “Hearty” meal for the homeless, courtesy of the soup kitchen.

There is one truth about the Salvation Army’s Children’s Homes which is the most undeniable. Knowledge of it is virtually proof that a person was in one of those Homes.

That truth is that, while the children ate weevil-infested slop, the Salvation Army officers at their table, ate very, very much better. One of the greatest reasons this organisation has such widespread support, is the fact that it feeds the homeless and destitute “modest” meals, through its soup kitchens and food parcels. They can often be seen dispensing cups of coffee in the center of most large cities late at night.

No one can say that the Salvation Army is discriminatory in its food program. It feeds the rich as well as the poor. One of what it describes as a “social” program is the company it has set up in Australia, called the Freedom Catering Group.

[If anyone doubts the veracity of this article, they should check out its Facebook page at Click on “The General’s Congress Dinner” and “Catering” for the images at the end of this article.]

Freedom Catering advertises that: Through our dedicated and innovative team, we are able to fulfill your catering requirements in the following;
Boardroom Catering – Cafe’s and Restaurants – Catering Contract Management Services – Large Scale Events – Direct Daily Deliveries – Function Venues

It also boasts that: “Freedom Catering Group has recently partnered with Zoe Bingley-Pullen, Celebrity Chef and Nutritionist (also host of channel Ten Television’s Good Chef, Bad Chef) to work with our chefs to design healthy but great tasting dishes seasonally.”

Freedom Catering describes itself as one of the fastest growing catering groups” in Australia. It further boasts that it was among the “finalists in the Sydney Metropolitan Restaurant and Catering Awards 2013 in two categories: Function/Venue Caterer and Industrial/Institutional Caterer.”

Something of why Freedom Catering is in such distinguished culinary company is indicated by its description of its coffee: “You can expect mild mellow floral undertones through the full syrup-like body with a lingering after-taste in this light-medium roast.  Perfect for the purist in espresso form and just as much at home within milk based beverages.”

The Salvation Army is particularly well-regarded at Christmas for its dinner parties for the poor. It is no co-incidence that its major (red kettle) fund-raising program occurs just before Christmas.

This past Christmas, Freedom Catering ran the following advertisement: “Have you organized your Christmas catering yet? Don’t stress if you haven’t because Freedom Catering Group can come to the rescue!! Catering for all Xmas parties, functions, meetings and events. We even do private function catering at your very own home!
Call us today for a hassle free, delicious and joyous Christmas celebration! (02) 9982 9800.”

The price list for Freedom Catering’s menu is not available. For some things, as everyone knows, if you have to ask the price, then you can’t afford it.

Read more here:

See more here: (Some of Freedom Catering’s menu items)


Image: Christmas treats

Image Image: Prosciutto Wrapped Quail w/ julienne seasonal vegetables & balsamic glaze.

Image Image: Persian Lamb Noisettes w/wild rice accompanied by almond& saffron sauce

Image Image: BEEF TARTARE Eyefillet wrapped in Szechwan pepper, on a bed of radish, red witloft, horse radish cream, deep fried capers.

Image Image: Rustic Meringue w/rich chocolate mousse & farm fresh strawberries

Image Image: West Australian Scallops w/ piquante buerre blanc & micro herbs

Image Image: Golden Plains Pork Belly w/ crispy crackling & Asian greens

Image Image: STRAWBERRY CREPES With ricotta and berry coulis and toffee straws

Image Image: KINGPRAWNS Sautéed Prawn cutlets with fresh thyme, tomato concasse and sour cream on a bed of squid ink fettuccine

Image Image: VEAL CUTLET Chunky rib seared with an olive tapenade with medley of baby root vegetables

Image Image: Lemon and Berry Ricotta Cheesecake w/ fresh raspberries

Image Image: Coffee distribution van

soup kitchen 2

Image: Homeless man receives “Soup de Crap” w/ spoon.


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