Comments Now Open On All Posts

I have now enabled comments upon each and every post on this blog. If I’ve missed one or two, I hope someone will tell me.

Kind regards,


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2 Responses to Comments Now Open On All Posts

  1. Mary Adams says:

    Dear Aletha,
    I am deeply saddened to hear of your dear father’s passing. The saddness has overwhelmed me and he has remained in the forefrount of my thoughts daily since then. I really admired your Dad and the tireless work he did over these years to shed light on this dark chapter in our history. To think his last empthasis was on ” Let no child ever walk this path again” really portrays the wonderful human spirit he was. My heart is heavy understanding he suffered so greatly in this world but I am comforted in knowing that Lewis left his mark and made a difference for generations to come. This we are extremely grateful for.
    I met your father in the early nineties when he started the Finch Support Group. I too knew your mother Sylvia but parted ways over the Stradebroke incident. I was an activist also with the Neerkol Action Support Group and worked in the same vain as your father along with many others doing this campaign and support work. I work behind the scenes but have been assisting others prepare their statements and supporting them when attending the Commission. You are right in saying this work has therapeudic value as I have experienced this in doing precisely that. It has helped me overcome my own deamons realising their are a lot of those affected too worse off than myself. It is also brings hope back into ones life when you see credence and relevance been given to such important matters.
    Please extend my heartfelt condolence to all your family. He will be sadly missed.
    Fond Regards Mary Ex-resident Neerkol

  2. Emma Furness says:

    It was the least I could do for a great Australian, (Lewis Blayse). Love at this time and in the future to all your family Aletha. Emma XX

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