Salvation Army and Funeral Matters

There are a great many people who have been working behind the scenes to arrange for the Salvation Army to cover the costs associated with Dad’s funeral. I won’t name you here, in case you want your involvement kept private and I’m worried in any event I might inadvertently miss someone were I to try to list everyone, but you know who you are, and my family is extremely grateful to you. We were not in a position to deal with this.

I am still behind on emails, but I wanted to let those who have been doing this work know (in case they were worried things were still unresolved) that I spoke with James Condon from the Salvation Army this afternoon and have an assurance that the Salvation Army will cover the costs of the funeral and the burial plot. There was some equivocation regarding covering the cost of the headstone, and I was not able to give Mr Condon a price for this aspect in answer to his request for a dollar amount, but I have every confidence that the Salvation Army will not quibble over a minor matter such as this when an appointed person from the organisation gets in touch with me tomorrow to go through the details of it all. Again, credit where credit is due. I acknowledge Mr Condon’s offer, and I thank him for it. 

I am also grateful that Mr Condon did at no time do the thing I feared, which was to suggest that a condition of the offer be that the funeral be conducted at one of their chapels or other facilities, and that he accepted that it was our right as a family to choose the funeral home that would handle the arrangements. I feel this shows some insight into matters. 

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  1. lewisblayse says:

    Acknowledgment: The Salvation Army subsequently agreed to pay for a headstone to the value of up to $3000.

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