Lewis Blayse Public Memorial 1 March, 2014, University of Queensland


(For immediate release)

6th February, 2014


On the 31st of January, long-time social justice and child protection activist, Lewis Blayse (born Lewin Blazevich), passed away. It was on the anniversary of his marriage to Sylvia Blayse (nee Tunley), herself a long-time social justice activist. It was also just after he had conducted an interview with the ABC’s 7:30 Report about the current Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and the re-airing of the 2003 ABC Four Corners story “The Homies”, which featured Lewis’ story. Before he died, he had been writing a daily blog about the Royal Commission and associated matters at www.lewisblayse.net.

A public Memorial Event celebrating Lewis’ extraordinary life will be held at the Alumni Court at the University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus (Queensland, Australia) on Saturday, the 1st of March (1-4pm), which anyone who knew Lewis or supported his work are invited to attend. While the main focus will be upon Lewis’ life, there will also be a theme of child protection, and what key activists in the field hope to see come out of the Royal Commission.

Lewis’ wife, Sylvia, is also currently negotiating with the university for Lewis to be awarded his PhD posthumously, as a mark of respect for his work both as a scientist and as a campaigner for the rights of children to grow up in a safe and loving environment. It is hoped that an announcement in this regard will be made at this event. As Lewin Blazevich, he had completed an Honours degree in Biochemistry and had spent two years working towards his PhD, for which he had completed the research, and had been accepted as a full candidate by the Professorial Board.

Details regarding speakers are still being worked out, but Lewis’ eldest daughter, Aletha Blayse, will be officiating the event and making opening remarks. Interested parties wishing to say a few words at the event are invited to contact Lewis’ daughter, Aletha on the details below.

Media enquiries: Please use the ‘Contact’ page on this website and I will get back to you.

Aletha Blayse

[Postscript: Confirmed speakers at the event will be Nicky Davis from SNAP Australia and John and Nicola Ellis. A keynote speaker for the event has been approached and I will post more details when I have them. The University of Queensland has also said that it will be “running the Australian flag at half mast on the Forgan Smith building as a mark of respect for Lewis on this day”].

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One Response to Lewis Blayse Public Memorial 1 March, 2014, University of Queensland

  1. lewisblayse says:

    Update: Confirmed speakers so far are Nicky Davis from SNAP, John and Nicola Ellis, and Judy Courtin.

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