Sydney Salvos Protest: Salvos Object to Protest Placard, Call Police

As readers of this blog would know (see previous posting), there is currently a protest underway by social justice campaigner, Stephanie Calabornes. Until yesterday, things were going very well, with a commendable level of cooperation from the Salvation Army, and ‘Major’ Bruce Harmer, Eastern Territorial PR head, pictured below.

bruce harmer

Image: ‘Major’ Bruce Harmer

Ms Calabornes, pictured below, has been protesting day and night since the 17th of July against the Salvation Army. She has cooperated at every turn with the wishes of the Salvation Army in relation to matters of contention such as: (a) where to store her sleeping bag and blankets; (b) the location of placards leaning against the Salvation Army’s building; and (c) not using sticky tape to put up protest signs on the Salvation Army building. Ms Calabornes even kept her cool when a Salvation Army staffer took away one a protest sign brought along by another protester (see below).

frank sign

Image: Protest sign placed by another protester and confiscated by Salvation Army staff


Despite the Salvation Army unnecessarily calling the police on Tuesday because of the sticky tape incident (the police left without charging Ms Calabornes), Ms Calabornes remained calm and determined to see out her protest.


support survivors

Image: Stephanie Calabornes holds up a protest sign

Yesterday, around 1.30 pm, Ms Calabornes was confronted again by Mr Harmer who voiced objection to a new placard Ms Calabornes brought along, shown below being held up by another protester, who joined Ms Calabornes for a time, and in closer detail. This placard called for ‘Major’ Peter Farthing to stand down from the Salvation Army. 

pic 24

Image: Protest supporter holds up the placard that upset ‘Major’ Bruce Harmer

pic 21

Image: Close-up of the placard that upsetMajor’ Bruce Harmer

Ms Calabornes explained to Mr Harmer that the sign was a reasonable one and was intended to draw attention to the following matters (which she hoped to discuss in more detail with any member of the public who might have walked past and viewed the placard):

  • That Mr Farthing was involved in counselling, for 18 months, self-confessed child abuser, Mr Colin Haggar (Mr Farthing, pictured below, is not reported as having made any attempt to bring Mr Haggar to the police at any stage during this period);
  • That Mr Farthing personally recommended that Mr Haggar be re-accepted for officership within the Salvation Army after this period of counselling; and
  • That the Salvation Army helped Colin Haggar in 2002 apply for a Working With Children Check, without disclosing his previous confession of abuse, and that Mr Farthing knew that Mr Haggar had obtained clearance but did nothing at the time.

PETER farthing

Image: ‘Major’ Peter Farthing, who counselled self-confessed child abuser, Colin Haggar and personally recommended his re-acceptance to the Salvation Army

These matters have been widely reported in the media (see the Articles page on, as Mr Harmer would know.

According to Ms Calabornes, Mr Harmer then rejoined, indicating that the placard needed to be changed to be more specific. In the spirit of cooperation, Ms Calabornes then altered the placard to be more specific to refer to the Colin Haggar matter – see below.

amended farthing sign

Image: Amended protest sign, changed at request of ‘Major’ Bruce Harmer

Mr Harmer came back outside to check the new placard and again disputed its accuracy. Ms Calabornes insisted that it was appropriate, and refused to change or remove it. Mr Harmer then informed her that he was going to call the police.

Mr Harmer then called the police, who arrived approximately one hour later. Ms Calabornes provided her details to the police, who spent approximately 20 minutes inside the Salvation Army building. When the police came back outside, Ms Calabornes talked to the police about Mr Farthing and invited them to read the transcripts and statements on the website of the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, particularly those from the Case Study 10 hearings.

The police again left without charging Ms Calabornes (although Ms Calabornes reports that she was warned that she was in danger of being sued by the Salvation Army, something that does not concern her at all).


After today’s events, Ms Calabornes is now even more determined to see out her protest until the 31st of July. This is because there is now a new issue that needs to be talked about, and that is the heavy-handed way in which the Salvation Army now appears to be dealing with those who express views that the Army is not comfortable hearing (or seeing).  

The gross overreaction of Mr Harmer and the Salvation Army to Ms Calabornes’ protest is disappointing. The slogan of the Salvation Army in Australia is, “We’re about people finding freedom.” After what happened yesterday, however, it is clear that this does not extend to freedom of speech.

people finding freedom

Image: The Salvation Army’s Australian slogan (NB: exceptions now apply)

It is hoped that Mr Harmer will not waste police time for a third time by calling them again today if he sees a sign that he (or anyone else in the organisation) simply doesn’t like.

Aletha Blayse
Twitter: @alethab

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99 Responses to Sydney Salvos Protest: Salvos Object to Protest Placard, Call Police

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    • Pat Garnet says:

      hi Aletha, Just wondered if you knew that some earlier posts from your site are sneaking out again. If they are meant to, please tell me to mind my own business, but I am wondering if I am missing something I should be aware of. I DO hope things are working out for you and you can look forward to happy times ahead. XO Pat Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2014 03:08:01 +0000 To:

  2. I am regular visitor, how are you everybody? This paragraph posted at this website is genuinely nice.

  3. carl beauchamp says:

    As a CLAN member and a former victim myself at Charlton Boys Home Glebe I find the Salvation Army a despicable lot and should open up Pandora’s Box and assist in having all present and former paedophiles known by the present leaders of the Sal Army made known and reported to police. For almost all my life I have made contributions and support to the Sal Army -but never again. How many lives did they destroy? How many families did they destroy? How many suicides were they responsible for by not protecting children in their care, Only God knows? And the hypocrisy is too much for many who have lost their faith in God because of the many religious bodies and others. In closing may I add, please don’t blame God, Blame mankind.

    • As a very young child, I was repeatedly raped in the Salvation Army Box Hill Boys Home, the Salvation Army should lose its charitable tax status because of the evidence that has come to light in the Royal Commission. Failing to remove known abusers from the Salvation Army and failing to report child sexual abuse is a very serious matter.

      • lewisblayse says:

        Hi Brian. I’m truly sorry you endured what you did. I think your call for removable of the organisation’s charitable status is a very reasonable one. Organisations given the privilege of tax-free status owe society the very highest standard of conduct. That has not been the case with the Salvation Army.


        • carl beauchamp says:

          Aletha. The Salvation Army Bayswater Boys Home have a reunion on Sunday 19th October 2014. St Vincent’s Home ,Nudgee a Reunion on Sunday 18 November, 2014 and Melbourne Orphanage on Sunday 2 November 2014. for further info re where and times phone CLAN 1800 008 774. free call.

          Many thanks, Carl Beauchamp.


      • carl beauchamp says:

        Dear Brian, As a fellow victim I feel for you and hope that you have been compensated, having said that, I know that money will never repair the past damage of which you obvious carry with you today. There is a German word that fully describes how these paedophiles think it is SCHADENFREUDE. and spoken as FA DEN FRUDE. This word means, THOSE WHO GET GREAT JOY AND PLEASURE FROM THE MISERY OF OTHERS> Sadly Brian, there were far too many of these low life people in charge of us kids and of course we had no voice, so afraid were we to seek help or speak out.

        Obviously the people controlling the Salvation Army today are Schadenfreude people for if they were not they would do the right Christian thing and pay just compensation and offer each and everyone a personal sorry.

        CLAN often holds silent protests outside the Sydney Salvation Army offices as with others and outside the Catholics and Anglicans Cathedrals and Parliament houses in every state. So like me Brian, make a point of telling everyone you meet how you feel about the Sal Army just like I do within my own church and everywhere I go. God Bless you Brian, for he has given man his own autonomy and Lord how we have failed.

        Carl Beauchamp age 77 years.

        • Carl, I have been protesting with CLAN once a month in Melbourne for seven years, we protest outside churches, on the steps of Parliament House, outside DHS and outside the State Attorneys office Robert Clark MP and we will continue to protest until all victims receive compensation.

          • Pat Garnet says:

            Yes Brian we have keep up the protesting . These people have no shame and they are still appearing now and again in some media clips acting with contempt with”business as usual” written all over them.

          • carl beauchamp says:

            Dear Brian Cherrie, As a fellow CLAN member and one who attends these protests before my illness, may I remind you and others that the following are Salvation Army Reunions.

            GILL BOYS HOME 4TH & 5TH October. PHONE JIM ON 07 3822 1518.
            BAYSWATER BOYS HOME REUNION 19TH OCTOBER 12 TO 3 PM. the flagstaff gardens 309 William St. west Melbourne. phone clan 1800 008 774..

            DATE FOR ABOVE IS FOR A SUNDAY IN FEBRUARY 2015. PHONE CLAN 1800 008 774..
            CARL BEAUCHAMP.

      • I cannot quite understand why such terrible signs are necessary – whilst these brutal crimes occurred where are the medical records of these sexual crimes – children would have needed urgent medical attention – so why isn’t the medical profession being called upon for accountability for not reporting these crimes when after being repeatedly raped – urgent medical care would have been required – the medical professionals committed brutal and heinous sexual crimes on non pregnant girls and young pregnant girls 1958-1974 in the State of Victoria – our petition has been tabled in Commonwealth Senate for accountability – have you all signed it – if not why not – BECAUSE MEDICAL COVERED UP THESE BRUTAL SEXUAL CRIMES OF RAPE COMMITTED AGAINST YOUNG PEOPLE – DEMAND YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS – FIND OUT THE NAME OF THE DOCTOR WHO TREATED YOU – AND BRING THEM TO ACCOUNTABILITY FOR COVERING UP SUCH BRUTAL CRIMES – ITS BIGGER THAN THE SALVATION ARMY – IN ALL CASES OF SEXUAL ABUSE – THE MEDICAL ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CARE OF THEIR PATIENTS – THEY FAILED AND COVERED UP THESE CRIMES – RAISE YOUR VOICES AND SIGN OUR PETITION –

        • carl beauchamp says:

          Yeas I echo your thoughts but as you say there are many other in the medical profession who should be brought to account. Having said that, did you see Wednesday 15th Daily Telegraph where a parliamentary committee headed by former policeman Troy Grant have decided against mandatory sentencing for all paedophiles and force more paedophiles to plead not guilty. This guy is obtuse in my opinion.. NOW DON”T LAUGH! Grant’s reasoning is it will increase the prison population. Obviously following the lead of the NSW State Government to save money at the expense of all victims at the hands of the myriad of paedophiles who have been given the go ahead to abuse more children.

          Carl Beauchamp.

          • I recently called in to see a person who was my best friend while I was at the Salvation Army Box Hill Boys Home, I hadn’t seen him since I left the home 46 years ago. He couldn’t remember me but I can remember him, he has fuzzy hair and he is indigenous. After a meet and greet and some conversation he realised that I wasn’t there for any other reason than to catch up with him and he produced his wardship file and encouraged me to read it. Whilst I was reading it I noticed a hospital admission and I asked him about this. He told me that his sister brought him back from leave ten minutes late and a person known as boss Bill attacked him with a lump of wood and beat him and he ended up in hospital. He told me that his sister could hear him screaming before she had even left.

    • lewisblayse says:

      Hi Carl,

      They are indeed despicable. I have no idea how many lives they’ve destroyed because many people simply won’t come forward to speak of their experiences, for various reasons. Only the Salvation Army knows, and it’s not going to reveal the true number of its victims, direct and indirect.


      Aletha Blayse
      Twitter: @alethabe

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  5. Pat Garnet says:

    Apologies Aletha for last sentence in my reply to your comment. It is meant for Brian Jones. Brian your reply to mine, is more like a riddle than an informed comment. You can’t get much more informed than actually being in the gallery listening to the proceedings.

    • Thanks for clarifying, Pat 🙂 I thought as much 🙂 Thank you for mentioning the proceedings. No-one with a heart could fail to be heart-broken to see and hear what people have been through and continue to be put through in their dealings with the Salvation Army. I really wish some of the people responding here had attended and seen the devastation done to victims and families. Perhaps when the Salvation Army comes up again before the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, some of those who are so quick to jump to the defense of the Salvation Army will start to develop an understanding of why it is that people are protesting and speaking out. Let’s hope so anyway.

  6. Pat Garnet says:

    Rereading my last comment Aletha I apologise that the last sentence seems to refer to you. It refers to Brian Jones. Brian your reply seems more like a riddle than a comment. Maybe I am missing something.

  7. Hi, Brian your post came up very difficult to read. But you are correct, the link Stephanie provided shows that Farthing was not a mandatory reporter, the RC agreed with this completely and yes it is odd that Stephanie would post a link that disagrees with her.
    It almost seems that as almost all the offenders are dead there is a need to direct anger at someone current even if it on very flimsy evidence. I’m glad we have this blog the SA seems to have been dismissed by many as just another group of child abusers, and while there has been terrible things done many of the accusations going around are just not true. This blog contains easily dissprovable accusations. So easy, you can look at transcripts and submissions at the RC. You can look in dictionaries. I wish there would be retractions published because leaving up mistakes weakens the veracity of the writing.

  8. Pat Garnet says:

    This topic is extremely complicated and cannot be reconciled in a forum like this. Respect for victims is utmost and if somebody has committed sexual abuse and it is covered-up (not reported to authorities) by the organisation they report to, they should face the full force of the law, which in most cases is a goal sentence. Unfortunately we don’t live in a just society (tho’ many believe otherwise) because the complicated road to justice which involves the judicial, political, police and religious organisations etc., can be as dodgy and corrupt as the criminal behaviour. This ends in a no win situation where organisations continue to indulge criminal behaviour and the victim is left to
    live a life having had the essence of their being “stolen”, in an unforgiveable act. Deniers/excuse makers for groups indulging in this behaviour have their head in the sand because there is NO excuse or pardon for this crime. Get out from under that rock, throw away the dark glasses and progress with the times. By that I mean stand on your own laurels and make moral decisions based on reality and the truth. Surely you heard some of the victims testimony from the Royal Commission. How in god’s name (if you believe in him) can you respect this group, and similar organisations who have cover-up sexual abuse and are NOW lying/denying about the seriousness/consequences of it.

  9. One needs to be very careful with wording on placards – Salvation Army do some excellent work in the community, during war time, disasters etc. reflecting on a specific issue is one thing but putting all the work of the Salvation Army into one basket and condemning is undemocratic, offensive, insulting and discriminative – one needs to tread very carefully.

    • Lash says:

      Exactly what do they do Brenda? They collect a couple of hundreds of millions of dollars each year off the Australian government..Then disperse that money. As with most religious and other large organisations that deal with children, Enclaves are soon formed, the system is manipulated, the vulnerable children are moved into position, then yee-haa its party time. Bring in a few Judges and Police commissioners that enjoy that sort of thing and away they go. It has been going on for centuries because people like you feel the need to point out that they “do some excellent work” as if this will some how make up for the travesty that is. I can show you any number of “tenderers” for those millions that will do an excellent job. Clearly it helps you, you can smile at their shiny buttons ’cause buttons are meant to be shiny. And so, like everyone else your can smile and laugh and you don’t even have to see or think about IT. Then if someone does bring IT up, the Masters will being out their lawyers and crush them like a bug.
      The world .is changing Brenda and it is information that is changing this world. Don’t get left behind.

      We Are Anonymous
      We Are Legion
      We Do Not Forgive
      We Do Not Forget
      Expect Us

      • Brian Jones says:

        What a meaningless and vague comment..

      • Thank you so much, Lash, for addressing so clearly and forcefully this classic “rebuttal” so often put forward in instances such as this.

      • Pat Garnet says:

        The supporters of the Salvation Army in this blog will get a shock when the truth about the wealth of the S.A, and how it is provided, is exposed. Also the extras provided to their people in uniform. Sales of Silvo and Black Kiwi boot polish is no doubt diminishing. For those who don’t know what these products are,they are used to POLISH the badges and shoes of the S.A employees. While attending the R.C, I wondered who was taking care of running the day to day activities of this large business/organisation, which is dependant on public donations and Australian government assistance, while Condon and Farthing sat there every day, often looking bored. Attending the S.A headquarters in Elizabeth street Sydney, I realise I need not have been concerned. There are a lot of people working (no doubt some volunteers) at this organisation,who pop in and out “for a break”. They are not dressed in a fashion suitable for cleaning floors etc., etc., as the children did, who were in their care years ago. I guess they are upholding the virtue of “charity begins at home”.

    • carl beauchamp says:

      Dear Brenda, reading your reply support for the Salvation Army tells me one thing and that you yourself were never a victim and that you were never sexually assaulted or violently treated at the hands of the evil people who destroyed thousands of lives. My group CLAN hold a reunion at the GILL Home in Goulburn each year and sadly many who attend were victims of sexual assault and I know personally of lives that were destroyed. There is an old saying, Evil will triumph when good people do nothing. ‘It is about time the good people now within the Sal Army “Do the right thing”.

      Carl Beauchamp, Advocate for former Charlton inmates seeking Anglicare help or the help of CLAN.

  10. Peter Farthing stated to the Royal Commission that he didn’t think Major Collin Hagger was a paedophile, even though he new that he had interfered with an eight year old child and other children. He claims that because he just took advantage at the time that he wasn’t one, so he was re instated. Well I’ve got news for the Salvos, Major Collin Hagger is a paedophile, If an adult molests or rapes a child, it is what it is, wether it is spur of the moment or not.

    • Jack McDonald says:

      No I’m sorry your just flat out incorrect. Firstly that’s not the definition of paedophile. Paedophile is when somebody’s sexual preference is children. Some people take advantage of an oppurtunity to get sexual gratification from a child but otherwise behave like the rest of us. This is equally wrong but this does not fit the definition of a paedophile. Consult psych textbooks, ask a psychologist, see the definition in the Royal Commision’s interim report, look it up on Wikipedia if you want. All these things support this distinction. Dimbing it down and putting all offenders under one title actually puts more kids in danger because you end up predicting the wrong behaviors.
      Secondly Farthing was discussing a psych report which he ordered to be done. This report by one of Australia’s leading forensic psychologists said Haggar is not a paedophile. Farthing was explaining that, he did not as the press would have you believe throw that up as an excuse for re-instating Haggar. That was done 20 years before Farthing had any power to reinstate anyone so it’s a complete nonsense.
      So your just flat out incorrect. As I have said the facts are plainly available and they are generally more reliable than what you hear from Ray Hadley and Allan Jones.

      • I an just as disgusted with your response Jack McDonald, you all seem to be away with the fairies. What a load of rubbish you talk.

        • Are you serious? So facts mean nothing to you? I don’t think u get it. Do u think paedophile is just a slur and by not calling him that your letting him off the hook? Nope it’s not it’s like calling a rapist a murderer. Both terrible but there’s a different name for each person. As I said the facts are plain they can be found by anyone who tries even a little bit. If your happy to willfully choose ignorance that’s fine but don’t go around condemning people with it.
          The facts are there you have no leg to stand on.

          • So without all the text book stuff, you Jack McDonald are saying, that someone can molest children and they aren’t a pedophile? and if that is your claim, you should never be trusted around children yourself.

            • Jack Macdonald says:

              Brian i don’t think you get it. Im not saying you can get people off on a technicality. I’m saying that there are different ways to deal with people. What if there was something even more dangerous than a pedophile? and u didn’t recognise that? So for instance you say “well that guy is a pedophile so we will only let him work with adults”, but it turns out his sexual deviance stretches to all vulnerable people so you have just put vulnerable adults in danger.
              Alternatively let’s say someone has never abused a child, clean record, none of the signs of a pedophile. So you think no worries let them work with kids, then they abuse the kid. Maybe they did it because they are mentally delayed, or have some kind of sexual domination fascination which doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with children and therefore gives no indication.
              In both cases your basic assumption of how peoples mind’s work has led to people being abused. Yes people can abuse children and not be pedophiles. It does not make the act any better! the child suffers equally! Farthing acknowledged that, he just said that the term pedophile did not in this car apply. What’s the big deal with that? can you explain why that is wrong? it’s like I said if someone commits murder and is called a rapist and you say “no they are a murderer” what have you done wrong?

              if you dumb things down and make them black and white you protect the wrong people.

              • Stephanie Calabornes says:

                Are you IN THERE Jack ? Any act of paedophilia is paedophilia.

              • carl beauchamp says:

                Dear Jack MacDonald, Jack, there is never ever any excuse to excuse any person who has ever molested or sexually penetrated in any way, the fact is it is evil and no decent community should tolerate such acts.

                Nelson Mandela said, that no country who hurt its children deserves to be a state, and he was right, for we all rely on our justice system to keep all of our children safe from the monsters within our communities.

                This present Royal Commission is run by very good decent people and like myself myriads of other have had private hearings about our submissions. Common sense tells us that very little can be done for victims of the past but this RC will absolutely assist our children of tomorrow with ways to protect them and help keep their innocence.

                In February 2013 at the Downing Street Court Judge Anthony Blackmore convicte Albert Ables of sexually assault on a former Charlton Glebe inmate, myriad of charges, his previous record of a court appearance at Dubbo about 1963 was not taken into consideration and he was given four years and be out in less than three, This man was a Sunday school teacher prior to his arrest – sadly we were upset at such a lenient sentence. We hope the RC recommendations are for higher mandatory sentences into the future.

                Carl Beauchamp former victim of Yasmar and Charlton Boys Home..

    • stephanie calabornes says:

      well said Brian

  11. 1petermcc says:

    Reblogged this on 1petermcc's Blog and commented:
    As a person who is horrified by the continued behavior of the Salvos, I guess I should not be surprised by Major Bruce Harmer drawing attention to the Salvos but I’m grateful all the same. This protest should have gained more coverage so I appreciate him raising the profile of it before it comes to a close.

    • One must chose their words on placards – and this person has been warned before – how many more warnings does this person need to receive?

      • carl beauchamp says:

        Brenda, we still have freedom of speech in this great country Australia, although there are myriads who would get great joy in destroying our culture. The RC has myriads of submissions that could be used under FOI if the Salvation Army chooses to sue anyone who speaks out against it, so if that lady who was taken to task and reported for her outspokenness and was charged or sued then she would have her day in court. The Sal Army Leaders would be aware that taking this action would damage the Salvation Army beyond repair and for good as further allegations in court would be made public and many more like me would stop supporting or donating to the Salvation Army.

        Like many organisations the Sal Army have very good honest Christian people amongst them and over the years they have done wonderful work for humanity in Gods name, sadly the bad apples of the past cannot be denied and the only way for the SA to keep its good name, tarnished by a few, is for absolute openness and like my Anglican church have a policy of ZERO TOLERANCE AND ABSOLUTE TRANSPARENCY AND UNDER FORMER ARCHBISHOP PETER JENSEN IT WAS THAT ALL KNOWN PAEDOPHILES WERE REPORTED TO THE POLICE AND THAT ALL VICTIMS BE FULLY SUPPORTED AS THEY FACED THEIR DEMONS IN COURT BY THE ANGLICARE PASTORAL CARE AND PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS UNIT.

        Carl Beauchamp JP. Advocate for former inmates of Charlton Boys Home, Glebe, NSW..

        • The problem with the Salvation Army is not problems of the past, they still have as some of their leaders with very questionable histories. Read some of the evidence given at the Royal Commission by current leaders of the Salvation Army and their is still a big question mark hanging over their heads.

  12. Ernest says:

    The White Shield is a racist symbol, please represent all victims and change it to grey.

    • Pat Garnet says:

      Oh dear Ernest, please explain why you say The White Shield is a racist symbol? How do you come up with your choice of grey? Red, definition (Macquarie dictionary)= a noun denoting condition, as in hatred, kindred; as opposed to white: a communist. (surely “point taken”). Grey, definition= no definite hue, dark, overcast, dismal, gloomy. White needs no explanation, so I hope you accept that the “The WHITE Shield” label is most appropriate, considering the topic we are discussing. Innocent (clean white souls) children have had the “essence” of their being stolen by cowardly criminals.

      • stephanie calabornes says:

        Well said Pat, I feel White Shield Appeal was very well chosen, and as such I hope will remain the symbol for the campaign to ‘ clean up their ACT ‘ in every way, from continuing to address theft of property delivered to them for the benefit of homeless, that they continue to put a price on, rather than giving it to those in NEED where they sleep first to corporate settings at Collaroy, Geelong and the like. The property was not given to Salvation Army as theirs, but for the community and GOOD WORKS. I do NOT see many good works. merely the continuance of abuse for generations. With a PR guy like ‘ Major Bruce Harmer’ I see many more dishevellments and chaos at Salvation Army HQ. He has done well, so far. I may live with leaukemia but I still know the difference between foolishness re real care for community and care of supporting the organisation. Keep abusing community that you have harmed and come for assistance and the road to nowhere continues to narrow. Salvation Army are their own ‘ beasts of burden’

  13. Jack McDonald says:

    Yes that’s not heavy handed that’s slander, they have a right to put a stop to that. You can’t go around saying things like that. Two wrongs don’t make a right guys.

    • Agree 100% Jack – if a family member has been found guilty of sexual abuse does that make all the family members guilty of sexual abuse? I don’t think so – one must be very careful and vet their anger in a more constructive positive manner – two wrongs don’t make a right

  14. Brian Jones says:

    Yes there is a chance you will be sued also. There are many errors in your writing. The transcripts clearly say that Farthing did not know Haggar had applied for WWCC as he had an unrelated job at the time. Nobody accused him of this at any time. So there was nothing he could do because he didn’t know, had nothing to with him, By saying look at the transcripts Stephanie has offered up clear evidence against herself. Have a look for yourself.
    Counsellors do not have obligation to report, there is an assumption of confidentiality. Reporting is not their role and especially not in this circumstance. Anyone who has attended a counsellor or any kind of therapy expects confidentiality. This is fair because if a person expected to be reported they would not confess of anything. So the counsellor would have nothing to report regardless. This then is another very silly argument.
    Last of all the transcripts clearly show that Farthing’s recommendation came with insistence on an independent assessment and stipulation that Haggar never works with children. That’s not protection paedophiles at all.
    Stephanie doesn’t care about being sued because she doesn’t pay anyway. It has happened before.
    Stephanie Campaigns for a Better Deal

    But do you Aletha care about being sued? I suggest you play things a bit smarter, check your facts. It seems the Salvation Army were very accommodating to Stephanie but when she started making inaccurate claims she crossed the line. It’s only fair they defend themselves.
    Why do you think it is a gross over-reaction? would you like this totally inaccurate slur levelled at you? My understanding is that Farthing is working with victims to compensate them. It seems you’re blinded by hatred. Which is very sad.

    • Perry Bulwer says:

      Brian Jones said: “Counsellors do not have obligation to report, there is an assumption of confidentiality. Reporting is not their role and especially not in this circumstance. Anyone who has attended a counsellor or any kind of therapy expects confidentiality.”

      I do not think it is as clear cut as that. I’m not sure about Australia, but many other common law jurisdictions require counsellors and therapists to report abuses and crimes revealed in confidence to the relevant authorities, especially where minors, the elderly, the disabled and other vulnerable people are involved.

      • Jack McDonald says:

        Reporting is all about child protection not dobbing. The RC found he was not a mandatory reporter at all.
        In fact Haggar did have a job where he might have had access to kids when he was getting counselling from Farthing and Farthing told the employers that was not appropriate and it ended. The complete opposite of what is being put forward here. This too is in the transcript. I really don’t understand when there clearly is evil people who harm children who pretty much never get mentioned on this site and such. Yet in this case for instance a guy for whom there are court transcripts clearly saying these accusations are wrong is getting the heat. This blog just isn’t based on facts.

        • I am glad Major Farthing is getting the heat, he claimed to the Royal Commission that Major Hagger is not paedophile, while he new that he had molested an eight year old girl and other children. I would have concerns for any person that would come to the defence of these Salvation Army officers.

    • Once a line is crossed it cannot be re drawn

      • Yes, once a child is molested, you cannot deny it and anyone who doesn’t agree that the perpetrator isn’t a paedophile seriously needs to look at themselves and their beliefs.

        • Still the medical sexual abusers walk free with history being contested so how can the sexual abuse of young girls be contested and its never contested when its young males – this is another abuse of our human rights
          It has become a joke – a person who wears a white collar who abuses a male is a pedophile but a person who wears a white coat who abuses young girls is NOT – I am sick and tired of hearing such discrimination re traumatising so many women – its not alright to sexual assault a male – but it is OK to sexually abuse a female – because she probably asked for it – our Nation is sinking into a Nation of disgrace and discriminative

    • stephanie calabornes says:

      Hi there Brian, ‘ Major Peter Farthing’ squirmed when I approached him in church regarding his abuses and how he treats families asking for restitution in reference to damages done by hurts. ‘ MajorPeter Farthing ‘ was supposed, many years ago to assist me regarding MY treatment at Samaritan House by staff. ‘ Major Peter Farthing’ was counsellor for Colin Haggar, who self-confessed to paedophilia. Any counsellor knows that hurt to anyone is a reportable incident. This staff member of Salvation Army Eastern Territory, has, along with Commissioner Raymond Condon, brought Salvation Army into disrepute. The NSW Govt found against likelihood that Commissioner Condon even reported the incident. There is grave concern in my heart and mind that ‘ Major Peter Farthing’ remains as Principal of Booth College, the Salvation Army Officer training school. Harm to self or anyone else is ALWAYS reportable by counsellors Brian. Salvation Army, harbouring and promoting and reemployment of pedophiles must end, along with standing down on the eve of Royal Commission. I made NO inaccurate claims Brian. ‘ Major Peter Farthing’ is working in Salvation Army interest as he did many years ago. Time to be honest and change their ways for humanity not profit.

      • Stephainie there are incorrect claims in this blog, you haven’t offered evidence you actually just dobbed yourself in as having a personal reason for this slander that has nothing to with the poor kids.
        I think there are several comments suggesting you have taken a worthy cause which we all support. But attacked without evidence and without discrimination. That harms the prospects of the kids, I have worked in child protection for a decade and I can tell you that ignorant comments such as the ones you are making help nobody at all.

        • Also you are wrong regarding counsellors. The Royal Commision didn’t find that he should have reported, it’s not the law. Prove otherwise. At least try.

          • stephanie calabornes says:

            Lucy, I have many reasons for being concerned about Salvation Army and their activities. 3 years of research for starters, reading Hansards and the abuse horrors of ALL Orphanages, at which the Salvation Army was the worst as comments by survivors of orphanage abuses illustrated. The personal, by the way, is political. Salvation Army need to change their profiteering ways and put people first, not profits, another reason.

            • Brian Jones says:

              Fantastic thanks for posting that. Clearly shows that reporting is done when there is suspicion that a child is a risk. Has nothing to do with reporting past incidences. The RC lawyer immediately dismissed suggestion Farthing should have reported. Not the salvo lawyer the RC one. Because if you read the law it’s very very clear reporting is not the role of the counsellor when a child is not in presently in danger.
              So u say you have done 3 years of research and the one fact u offer proves you wrong. I seriously question your reliability. Also why are you smiling in the photos? What sick enjoyment are you getting from this? Children were abused there is never a time for the self satisfied grins you are displaying. Shame!

          • So have I got this clear Lucy MacLeish, we should only report child abuse, when we have to? Well I’m sorry but that argument just does not hold, how pathetic can we as adults be that we can’t look after children better than that.

          • So am I understanding this properly, we should only report child sexual abuse, if we are mandated to or it is a law? What about a moral obligation to protect children? All the churches and charities that haven’t reported child sexual abuse for decades are not acting in a Christian like manner, they are not reporting to save their own brand.

        • stephanie calabornes says:

          Lucy, I am making no incorrect comments, numerous times I have been advised past and present by counsellors that harm to self or another is reportable incident. Colin Haggar was/is a self confessed paedophile. Therefore Major Peter Farthing continued to counsel, not enforce he be stood down. Michelle White did well on the stand at Royal Commission regarding this incident. I also state Church Based Providers have remained unaccountable to governments for a very long time. In fact a few years back Aust Institute of Health and Welfare did a research project on Salvation Army and found in one of their social service areas their figures did not add up, so over 9,000 assistance figures were wiped off. You are also incorrect regarding my not caring about the children, in fact it was me who asked the lawyer at CA Royal Commission to ask DoCS worker Kate Alexander how many children died/came to harm in their care in the last year. I too was abused in an orphanage.

      • I fully agree, why has it taken the Salvo’s so long to get rid of people that have abused children? They only stood down abusers after it was publicised from evidence that was given at the Royal Commission. All this happened on Commissioner Raymond Condon’s shift and he did nothing, he claims he reported it at a police department that didn’t exist at the time, he is in charge in Australia and he should stand down too. The Salvos even promote people after they have knowledge of them abusing children, this came to light in evidence tendered to the Royal Commission.

    • Brian, if one does nothing to deserve being sued, then one has nothing to fear. I know who that person is Brian and have nothing to fear, your comments and saying you follow me is concerning. I suppose I know you face to face yet your comments regarding Oasis and others are untrue and unfounded as is the post from being sued and illegal activity. I won’t go into it here or take this further on this blog. You know where I am.

      • Brian Jones says:

        Do you mean me? I have not met you sorry. I think “unfounded” generally sums up your approach I’m sorry. Many accusations and zero evidence. Grinning and enjoying yourself as u supposedly stand up for the abused and homeless. I find that sickening.

        • Pat Garnet says:

          Well Brian Jones what a breath of fresh air you ain’t. I suppose you will criticize my grammar all in the name of finding a way to abuse me. I attended every day at the RC for the SA and my judgement about these people, is that they sat in traditional style of previous bureaucrats of all organisations,(subjects of R.C) with intermittent positive smirking at each other, sometimes smiling, but NEVER conveying a sign of true remorse. Condon made sure his acting skills were at their utmost, (after all he wouldn’t get another chance) and pulled off a fine rendition of sadness (crying and all). Bryan you think you might have some leverage in persuading advocates for victims, that this organisation deserves respect, well let me tell you “you are pushing shit uphill”. This is only the beginning of the exposition of criminal behaviour, that will eventually be laid bare for all to see. The trivialities you are condemning Ms Clarabornes about bear no real consequence to the desired outcome of this forum. Don’t bother with transcripts and dictionaries, put your beanie on, have a cup of tea and chill.

          • Brian Jones says:

            I’m happy with your response. It says don’t look at the evidence. So anyone who read this will see one side saying look evidence and the other saying please ignore it. Very happy for people to see that.

        • Hi Brian Jones. This might help reduce your nausea. Stephanie was smiling in the picture and I know why, as I too was curious and asked her about it when she sent the picture through. It was because a person walking past had just told her to keep up the good work. I smiled too when she told me, because it gave me heart that people really do care about the issues and are starting to take a closer look at the Salvation Army. Hope you feel a little better now.

          • Pat Garnet says:

            Oh how true Aletha, We have so little to smile about regarding this situation, and at times our response may seem inappropriate. In this case it’s because the message being presented is a “joke” compared to the reality. So don’t make accusations when you don’t have all the facts.

            • I have been present at numerous hearings of the Salvation Army and it has been enough to turn my gut, we will be protesting in Melbourne shortly and our aim will be to expose what has happened in evidence given to the Royal Commission.

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                Salvo boss ‘delayed’ reporting abuser

                By Annette Blackwell |
                AAP |
                April 06, 2014 3:27AM


                Save for later

                Salvation Army Commissioner James Condon

                Salvation Army Commissioner James Condon did not report historical abuse, an inquiry has heard. Source: AAP

                ONE of the Salvation Army’s top leaders in Australia waited nine months before telling authorities about a known sex abuser, who was also his friend, an inquiry has been told.

                Commissioner James Condon delayed reporting Colin Haggar, who was running an army crisis shelter for women and children in 2013, a witness told a royal commission hearing in Sydney.

                The commission heard last week that Mr Haggar confessed in 1989 to the mother of an eight-year-old girl that he had sexually assaulted her.

                He was dismissed by the army, but re-admitted in 1993 and promoted.

                On Friday, the hearing was told that other army officers were concerned about Mr Haggar’s continued contact with children and in early 2013 raised the matter with Mr Condon, commander of the army’s eastern territory of NSW, Queensland and the ACT.

                During this hearing, it has been revealed Mr Condon officiated at Colin and Kerry Haggar’s wedding and went with Mr Haggar to police after he admitted assaulting the girl.

                Simeon Beckett, counsel for the commission, said no records of that police report could be found.

                On Friday, the commission heard it was nine months after concerns were raised with Mr Condon that Mr Haggar was involuntarily retired and demoted from lieutenant colonel to major.

                Captain Michelle White, director of the army’s Young Hope foster care service, said she was approached in early 2013 by two officers who had concerns about Mr Haggar.

                They had told Mr Condon, but nothing had happened. Ms White explained there was a mandatory reporting obligation and followed up the matter with Mr Condon.

                She pointed out she had a legal, ethical and moral obligation to report “my knowledge that we have an active Salvation Army officer with a known history of a child related sexual offence.”

                Ms White then met with Mr Condon who said: “Michelle, if what you are telling me is correct, there are hundreds of matters that should have been reported over the years, that haven’t been reported”.

                He also told her “that couldn’t be possible”.

                Ms White said she understood from Mr Condon it would now be reported, but later learned Salvation Army’s obligations to report were being explored.

                On August 23, she again wrote to Mr Condon and received a short reply that “this matter has been dealt with”.

                On September 4, she reported the matter herself to the Ombudsman and the guardian’s office.

                Ms White said Mr Condon wrote to her saying he wished she had not done it without telling them.

                She interpreted it as a rebuke.

                Ms White also said that she felt conflicted and was aware of the sensitivities and conflicts around friendships in the army.

                In the days prior to the start of this hearing, she received an email on Facebook from Kerry Haggar, with whom she was friends.

                Ms Haggar is a lieutenant colonel and on the army’s executive committee.

                The email said “the chain of events you set in place have caused devastation and incredible pain to many innocent people. In attempting to protect families you have caused irreparable damage to mine.”

                Ms White said she was upset and could understand Ms Haggar’s distress, but thought it inappropriate.

                Kate Eastman SC, counsel for the Salvation Army, said Ms Haggar had been stood down on Friday.

                The commission also heard she will seek leave to be legally represented at the commission, which resumes on Monday.

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  15. gidupngo says:

    Good on you Stephanie Calabornes.

    • Yes, we need more people to expose these types of people.

      • Steph says:

        Hi Brian, thank you for those articles, it seems Salvation Army ‘ apologists’ are in force, or enforcing silence. I am feeling a little unwell due to my leaukaemia ( chronic lymphatic leaukemia ) *can’t even spell what I have* , so have been advised to pull away. I will come round again in the weeks/months to come. But for now on specialist advice I am to rest up..Stress does not assist. I sincerely hope some on here, not you Brian cause you want to do something, I hope people take comfort that I was trying for Salvation Army to see sense. And yes, as men in suits said yesterday ” we are pretty serious “

        • Sorry to hear that you are not well, I am a survivor, victim from Victoria And I have made it my business to expose any one or any organisation who is responsible for the abuse of children. We will be doing our own protests in Melbourne outside the Salvation Army. Please rest up this is very stressful for all concerned, hope you have a speedy recovery.

          • Pat Garnet says:

            Hi Brian, I now know who you are. We met at Royal Commission I remember you travelling overnight by train from a long way away. You dear man, many others (men) could take a leaf out of your book and learn how to be truly Christlike. We are with you all the way in exposing these organisations for what they truly are. We have the Catholic church in the Hunter Valley putting a proposal into a local council to have property the church owns rezoned . Of course all in the name of getting a better price because they need to sell. They are insulting our intelligence, but they will meet their folly sooner than later because they are continuing what ever way they can to corrupt society and win (so they think). I have to believe in the goodness of man and continue our war because there is too much at stake. I will keep an eye (or ear) on Steph and keep rowing this boat we are in.

            • stephanie calabornes says:

              Thanks Pat and Brian, just need a few days/ week to catch up healthwise, then back at it. Thanks again, and good luck with Protest. IF you need help with promoting Brian, maybe ask Aletha, especially given she is already in the loop re Sydney Protest, up to you.

              • Thank you, you need to catch up on your health as that should always come first. I don’t know Aletha so it is a bit hard to know where to contact her. Hope you get well.

                • stephanie calabornes says:

                  Worst is as little as 3 years ago I was assaulted at Samaritan House so I KNOW Salvation Army has not changed. I called police and they evicted me for speaking up. We must continue the fight.

                • Pat Garnet says:

                  Brian, if you reply to any comment you feel comfortable with from Aletha, she will be very accommodating toward you, and delighted to hear from you I am sure

                • Hi Brian. Thank you so much for your concern for Steph. If you’d like to get in touch, please do. Here’s the link to the contact page:
                  Looking forward to talking with you.
                  Kind regards,

            • Thank you for your kind words Pat, I remember meeting you in Sydney at the Royal Commission, when I went there to hear evidence from the Salvation Army. I am a victim and I am very passionate about our cause and that is to expose people or organisations that have abused children. I also advocate for Forgotten Australian’s and run a facebook group with 1,170 members. As you said we have a lot of work to do, but we are getting there, the Salvos have only got themselves to blame for what is coming out in the Royal Commission. They have owned up to 446 cases of sexual abuse in childrerens homes in Victoria.

              • stephanie calabornes says:

       Hi Brian, when I am up to it I will assist White Shield Appeal with further protests outside Salvation Army HQ in Sydney. The time is now, amidst Royal Commission as the spotlight is already on them. If they harm us in any way for speaking up write in to the Commission.

              • Pat Garnet says:

                Brian, Steph and Aletha, you are all unique in your approach to these atrocities committed by organisations, who are now being exposed by the Royal Commission. Your work will bear fruit and the whole world will be better off for your and others dedication to justice for your fellow man. You wear no shiny buttons, shoes or badges but a deep, genuine love for those who have had the essence of their being “stolen from them” by these criminals.

                • carl beauchamp says:

                  It appears to me there are a number of people apologising for complaints written against the Salvation Army, why I do not know! One thing I have learned since the 2004 Senate Hearings under Senator Murray is that everyone should be heard and that eventually justice served. This Royal Commission set up by former PM Gillard will most certainly bring justice to all victims and families and friends.

                  I myself was a very angry man after leaving Charlton at 16 years I was out of control and in my Rugby and boxing this hatred gave me a great advantage until I near killed an opponent in a boxing match. After that I came to my senses and felt so ashamed of my own stupidity. Once I dispensed with my hatred and forgave all of the people who had near destroyed me. This was the key to my future happiness forgiving but having said that I am still pursuing justice. Forgive Yes but never ever Forget and seek justice if possible.

                  Let us not forget the wider picture is not just the Salvation Army’s indiscretions but the wrongs of every other religion and other bodies who have also taken from us our once innocence. Carl Beauchamp.

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