Sydney Salvos Protest Resumes: 8-15 August, 2014

Hi there, 

She’s back! 

Stephanie Calabornes has made a good recovery, and is coming back for another round with the Salvos, again in Sydney, outside their headquarters at 140 Elizabeth Street, Sydney. 

This time, Stephanie’s protest will go for a week. 

As always, if you’re inspired by protests such as this, and want to mount your own, please get in touch via this site or for assistance promoting your protest. 

And of course if you’d like to join Stephanie, even if just for an hour or so, please do. 

As before, I’ll be Tweeting images from Stephanie’s protest throughout the duration of the protest, as well as placing them on the White Shield Appeal Protests page on the White Shield Appeal website.

Good wishes, Stephanie!

Kind regards,


Aletha Blayse

Twitter: @alethab

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4 Responses to Sydney Salvos Protest Resumes: 8-15 August, 2014

  1. Jack says:

    Nobody cares anymore. Get a job Steph.

    • Stephanie Calabornes says:

      Hi there Jack. I have a job. The job is to bring accountability to Salvation Army and other institutions that continue to abuse today as they have previously. For example one survivor in tears regarding his abuse in Salvation Army accommodation by Salvo Officer. This was just today outside Salvation Army church. Time for Salvation Army and other Institutions to face accountability.

  2. Stephanie Calabornes says:

    The weather in Sydney is fierce, blistering icy winds yesterday, the icy winds remain today with rain. I have still been out with placards at Salvo HQ in Sydney, but needed 3 times to get out from cold. There are pics to be uploaded or else you can, if a survivor with need to be recommended, join forgotten Australian survivors on Facebook and the pics will also be displayed there. The protest will be concluding tomorrow as I will be in Brisbane for 10 days speaking up there. I will be joined by many people throughout this 10 day protest. Important to keep the pressure on, and, up. Today another survivor contacted Salvation Army ‘ Professional Standards’ and had 2 small wins, one may be temporary, yet at least she got something ( s ) achieved. Time for us all, if capable, to step up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

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