In The Media

Royal Commission reveals institutional child abuse (Green Left, 30 May, 2014)

“Salvation Army leader sorry for abuse” (Brisbane Times, 27 March, 2014).

lewis fought to be heard

Image: “Lewis fought to be heard” (Courier-Mail, Obituary, 1 March, 2014).

“Salvation Army Commissioner responds to abuse revelations” (ABC, 11 February, 2014).

“Child abuse victim Lewis Blayse’s final interview: ‘Let no child walk this path again'” (ABC, 5 February, 2014).

“Royal Commission pays tribute to Salvos’ abuse victim Lewis Blayse” (RN Breakfast, 3 February, 2014).

“Salvation Army expresses sadness after death of child sexual abuse victim” (ABC, 3 February, 2014).

“The dying wish of a man abused at a Salvation Army home” (ABC Television, 7:30 Report, 3 February, 2014).

“Lagi, Penyelidikan Pelecehan Seksual Anak di Australia” (, 29 January, 2014).

“Royal commission to hear cases of severe sexual, physical abuse at Salvation Army boys’ homes” (ABC, 28 January, 2014).

“Salvation Army to face child abuse Royal Commission” (ABC Radio AM program – reported by Emily Bourke) (28 January, 2014).

Church faces abuse claims (Sunday Mail, 24 June, 2007).

“The Homies” (Four Corners, ABC, 2003). (Re-aired here in 2014).

Doubts on orphanage witness evidence (Courier-Mail, 3 August, 1998).

Rockhampton media_p1_man they cut off my thumb

Image: “Man: They cut off my thumb” (Rockhampton Bulletin, 13 March, 1997).

Man to sue for orphanage fees (Courier-Mail, 18 February, 1994).

teaching career

Image: “‘Too soft’ teacher gets a caning” (source unknown, 30 January, 1993). 

Push to reunite lost kids (Courier-Mail, 28 September, 1992).

No title (Hobart Mercury, 23 September, 1992).

Letter to the editor (Courier-Mail, 17 July, 1992).

The unwanted … the agony (Courier-Mail, 25 April, 1992).

Rockhampton media_p2_abuse service wanted

Image: “Abuse service wanted” (source unknown, circa 1990-3).

Institution kids to get help (Courier-Mail, 27 August, 1990).

birth of FICH

Image: Lewis Blayse’s initial advertisement in the paper that started off the support group Formerly in Children’s Homes (FICH) (1990).

Gympie Times_1989QldElection

Image: “Party politics out: Blayse” (Gympie Times, 1989).

1986_welfare rights group formation (2)

Image: “Welfare rights group formed” (Gympie Times, 28 June, 1986).

More farmers wives are collecting dole (Courier Mail, 25 June, 1986).

LKB Election Leaflet_1977

Image: Lewin Blazevich 1977 Queensland State Election leaflet.

Dismissal Election_1975

Image: Lewis Blayse (then Lewin Blazevich) standing to the left of former Australian Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam, at a rally for the dismissal election at King George Square, Brisbane, in 1975 (source unknown).

University body leader resigns (source: The Courier Mail, 30 March, 1973).

UN 14Mar1973
Blayse [Blazevich], Lewis addressing students 19Feb1973 S909 p1508d

Images: Lewis Blayse (then Lewin Blazevich, University of Queensland Student Union President, 1973, delivering an address to new students in the Great Court).