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The Commission’s Long Week-End (Or: Mis-Speaking For Fun and Profit) (24 January, 2014)

More Bites At The Cherry (Or: There Are The Deserving And Undeserving Poor – William Booth) (23 January, 2013)

Commission Revisits “Towards Healing” (Or: Re-Writing History For Fun And Profit) (22 January, 2014)

The YMCA Gets Another Chance (Or: But Only In Secret) (21 January, 2014)

Still Running Children’s Homes Worldwide (Or: The Buck Must Stop Somewhere) (17 January, 2014)

More On The Towards Hurting Process (Or: When’s The Office Christmas Party?) (19 December, 2013)

DK And The Marist Brothers (Or: Towards Hurting) (18 December, 2013)

Week 2, Day 2 (Or: It’s Okay, He Said He’d Never Do It Again) (17 December, 2013)

Towards Healing Hearings Resume (Or: Priests Don’t Gossip) (16 December, 2013)

Why Won’t George Pell Speak? (Or: I Hear They Need A Missionary In Antarctica) (15 December, 2013)

Who Knew What When? (Or: Your Conscience Is Showing) (13 December, 2013)

Ms. Ingham, Fr. Brown And The Lismore Bishop (Or: Even Jesus Wept) (12 December, 2013)

More “Towards Healing” Officials (Or: Jesus Had No Lawyer) (11 December, 2013)

“No Show” Pell (Or: Don’t Admit Anything) (10 December, 2013)

The “Towards Healing” Hearings Begin (Or: Gray’s Gaffe) (9 December, 2013)

Some Pre-Hearing Thoughts (Or: Criminal Justice?) (8 December, 2013)

CLAN Submission (Or: Who Will Listen?) (7 December, 2013)

NSW Ombudsman’s Submission (Or: Treading Softly) (6 December, 2013)

Judy Courtin’s Submission (Or: Not Mincing Words) (5 December, 2013)

Human Rights Commission Submission (Or: The Rights of the Child) (4 December, 2013)

The Ellis Submission (Or: Final Vindication?) (3 December, 2013)

The Catholic Church’s Submission On “Towards Healing” (Or: No Lawyers Please, Except Ours!) (2 December, 2013)

What Is The Next Hearing About? (Or: Towards Reeling) (30 November, 2013)

Some Victorian Victims’ Comments (Or: Real Voices) (17 November, 2013)

How The Paedophile-Catchers Responded (Or: Thanks, Mate) (16 November, 2013)

Comments From Victims And Activists (Or: My Lawyer Can Beat Your Lawyer) (14 November, 2013)

The Victorian State Parliamentary Enquiry Report (Or: Better Than We Thought Possible) (13 November, 2013)

Victorian Report To Be Released Wednesday (Or: Quick, George, Get On The Phone!) (11 November, 2013)

The Bishop Who Upstaged Pell (Or: My Mansion’s Bigger Than Yours) (30 October, 2013)

The Catholic Church’s Submission on “Towards Healing” (Or: Top Spinner) (5 October, 2013)

The Catholic PR Unit Revisited (Or: Know Your Enemy) (1 September, 2013)

George Goes to Turkey, Again and Again …. (Or: Peak Season) (29 August, 2013)

George Goes to Rio (Or: It’s GOOD to be the Cardinal!!) (28 August, 2013)

Boys’ Town, Beaudesert (Or: The Greatest Con of All Time) (26 August, 2013)

A Review of the Marist Brothers (Or: I Teach Therefore I Abuse) (22 August, 2013)

St Catherine’s Children’s Home (Or: In-House Paedophile) (17 August, 2013)

Royal Commission Calls for Submissions on “Towards Healing” (Or: Swims Like A Fish) (10 August, 2013)

The Catholic Church’s PR Unit Speaks (Or: Take Out the Garbage) (9 August, 2013)

Fr. James Robinson (Or: Global Cover-Up) (7 August, 2013)

The Power of T-Shirts (Or: George Pell Is Easily Annoyed) (3 August, 2013)

Where To Now? (Or: Keeping Up The Momentum) (2 August, 2013)

NSW Enquiry Ends (Or: That’s All Folks, For Now!) (1 August, 2013)

NSW Enquiry Rolls On (Or: The Money or the Cops) (31 July, 2013)

NSW Enquiry – The Employees’ Testimonials (Or: Better Retired Than Fired) (30 July, 2013)

NSW Enquiry Concludes (Or: Good Priest – Bad Priest) (29 July, 2013)

NSW Enquiry – Week’s Preview (Or: The Church’s Last Stand) (28 July, 2013)

Why Pell Should Return to Australia (Or: HELP!!!!!) (27 July, 2013)

NSW Enquiry, Session 2, Week 4, Day 5 (Or: Even Elephants Can Forget Sometimes) (26 July, 2013)

More from Lucas (Or: What? Me Remember?) (25 July, 2013)

Lucas Finally Fronts the NSW Enquiry (Or: Hear Evil, See Evil, Record No Evil) (24 July, 2013)

NSW Enquiry, Session 2, Week 4, Day 2 (Or: A Flood of Tears) (23 July, 2013)

The NSW Enquiry Winds Up (Or: How Many Victims Make A Lot?) (22 July, 2013)

NSW Enquiry, Session 2, Week 3, Day 5 (Or: Poor Old Steptoe) (19 July, 2013)

NSW Enquiry Session 2 Week 3 Day 4 (Or: Where Did I Leave My Keys?) (18 July, 2013)

NSW Enquiry, Session 2, Week 3, Day 2 (Or: Give The Poor Bloke a Break) (16 July, 2013)

NSW Enquiry, Session 2, Week 3 (Or: Try Proving Otherwise) (15 July, 2013)

Brisbane Grammar School (Or: One Wrong Plus One Wrong Makes Two Wrongs) (14 July, 2013)

Papal Positions on Paedophilia (Or: Over To You, Mate) (13 July, 2013)

The Malone Saga Continues (Or: My Church – Right or Wrong) (12 July, 2013)

More Malone Skeletons (Or: Oops!) (11 July, 2013)

NSW Enquiry: Session 2 Week 2 Day 3 (Or: The Graveyard’s Full) (10 July, 2013)

NSW Enquiry: Session 2 Week 2 Day 2 (Or: Nobody Needs to Know) (9 July, 2013)

NSW Enquiry Session 2 Week 2 (Or: Who? When? Where? Why? For Us To Know And You To Guess) (8 July, 2013)

NSW Enquiry – Week’s Wrap-Up (Or: Master of Law and Letters) (6 July, 2013)

Castledare Boys’ Home (Or: Shoveling Asbestos) (4 July, 2013)

The NSW Enquiry Continues (Or: Bias or Lazy Journalism?) (3 July, 2013)

The NSW Enquiry Pushes On (Or: Anatomy of a Cover-Up) (2 July, 2013)

More from the NSW Enquiry – Second Session (Or: Nothing To See Here) (29 June, 2013)

An Old Copper Speaks Out (Or: The More Things Change) (28 June, 2013)

McCarthy’s Evidence (Or: When Silence is Abhorrent) (27 June, 2013)

More on the New South Wales Enquiry Proceedings (Or: Silence is Platinum) (26 June, 2013)

The NSW Government Inquiry Resumes (Or: But Wait – There’s Even More!) (25 June, 2013)

The Ridsdale Saga (Or: SSSSSHHHHH!!!!!!!) (24 June, 2013)

Sri Lankan Haven: (Or: A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Tea Bush) (23 June, 2013)

Shreddergate 2: (Or Will You Be Wanting That Shredded?) (22 June, 2013)

Northern Ireland’s Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry (Or: Ireland Calling) (21 June, 2013)

The Melbourne Response Responds After the Enquiry is Finished – Again (Or: Buyer Beware) (20 June, 2013)

Postcards from Rome: (Or: Holiday Reading) (17 June, 2013)

Invisibility Cloak: (Or: Now You See Me, Now You Don’t) (15 June, 2013)

Will Wright Do the Right Thing? (Or: Crossed Fingers) (11 June, 20130

The Serious Aspects of Pell’s Roman Holiday (Or: Where in the World is George?) (10 June, 2013)

“Georgie” Goes Holiday Shopping in Rome (Or: Beats Wal-Mart) (9 June, 2013)

Melbourne Archdiocese Admits Giving False Information to the Victorian Parliamentary Enquiry (Or: Better Late Than Never – The New Version) (8 June, 2013)

The Pope’s Cologne: (Or: “Eau de Chastity”) (7 June, 2013)

Phu My Orphanage, Vietnam: (Or: Call at the Black Gate) (6 June, 2013)

St. Vincent’s Orphanage, Melbourne (Or: Moved from Orphanage to Orphanage) (5 June, 2013)

St. Augustine’s Orphanage, Newtown: (Or: Justice Delayed) (4 June, 2013)

Summer Holiday (Or: A Little Bit of Australia) (3 June, 2013)

Ridsdale’s Release (Or: Mates are Mates) (2 June, 2013)

The Fallacy Of The Apology (Or: So, What Else Do You Want?) (1 June, 2013)

Other Nazareth Houses (Or: I Was Only Following My Order’s Orders) (30 May, 2013)

Nazareth House, Wynnum: (Or: Nun on the Run) (29 May, 2013)

Neerkol: (Or: Mercy! Sister!) (28 May, 2013)

Exposed to the WORLD (Or: Our Man in Australia) (27 May, 2013)

The Big Man Will Speak (Or: Pell Mell to Hell?) (25 May, 2013)

Where Are We Yet Again? (Or: Paedophile Priests? What? Me Worry?) (22 May, 2013)

The Victorian Enquiry Continues (Or: Better Laicized Than Never) (20 May, 2013)

What Can Be Done About Confidentiality Clauses? (Or: Mr. Pell, Tear Down That Clause) (19 May, 2013)

The Confidentiality Agreement from Hell: (Or: Fooling Some of the People All of the Time) (18 May, 2013)

More on the NSW Enquiry: (Or: Who’s Telling Fibs?) (17 May, 2013)

David Curtain, QC: (Or: Closure for Victims?) (16 May, 2013)

The Brisbane Connection: (Or: Unwarranted Foreign Aid) (15 May, 2013)

NSW Enquiry: Week Two (Or: Please Hold, We Value Your Custom) (14 May, 2013)

More from the NSW Enquiry (Or: Not Guilty Wins by a Nose) (11 May, 2013)

NSW Enquiry: The Journalist (Or: Priestgate) (8 May, 2013)

NSW Enquiry: Peter Fox’s Evidence (Or: They Shoot Messengers, Don’t They?) (7 May, 2013)

It’s All About the Money (Or: We Won’t Pay) (6 May, 2013)

A New Tactic? (Or: Don’t Speak Ill of the Dead) (5 May, 2013)

Victorian Enquiry: More Monks Speak (Or: Best Supporting Actor) (4 May, 2013)

Victorian Enquiry: The Monks Speak (Or: Brothers in Crime) (3 May, 2013)

Victorian Enquiry: The Bishops (Or: I’d Give It One and a Half Stars) (2 May, 2013)

Victorian Enquiry: Ballarat Diocese (Or: Watch the Shadows) (1 May, 2013)

What Does Ian Elliot Believe? (Or: Yes, Sir!) (30 April, 2013)

Who Is Ian Elliot? (Or: The Mushroom) (29 April, 2013)

Brother Kearney, the Perfect (Or: Once Upon a Time…) (28 April, 2013)

Brother Francis Paul Keaney, the Abuser (Or: Spare the Rod? No Way!) (27 April, 2013)

The Horror That Was Bindoon (Or: The Orphans’ Fiend) (26 April, 2013)

The NSW Enquiry Goes Underground (Or: All Quiet on the Western Front) (25 April, 2013)

The Ultimate Hypocrisy (Or: One Side Right – One Side Wrong) (20 April, 2013)

The Eleventh Commandment (Or: Thou Shalt Not Abuse Children) (19 April, 2013)

Maree Marsh (Or: Keep the Rosary Beads Handy) (17 April, 2013)

Catholic Church PR Unit: Rosemary Sheehan (Or: Just Be There) (16 April, 2013)

Catholic Church PR Unit: Stephen Elder (Or: Hart’s Transplant) (15 April, 2013)

The Catholic Church’s PR Unit: Dr Marian Sullivan Marian Sullivan (Or: What? Little Children Suffer?) (14 April, 2013)

The Catholic Church’s PR Unit: Greg Crafter (Or: All the World’s a Stage) (13 April, 2013)

The Catholic Church’s PR Unit: Greg Craven (Or: No, Not THAT Greg Craven!!!!) (12 April, 2013)

Catholic Church PR Unit: Maria Harries (Or: Just Look the Other Way) (11 April, 2013)

Bishop Bill (Or: Know Your Enemy) (10 April, 2013)

Catholic PR Unit: Sue Gordon (Or: How Did We Get Here?) (9 April, 2013)

More on the Catholic PR Unit: Mark Coleridge (Or: Stupid Women!) (8 April, 2013)

Mr Jack Heath (Or: With the Best Intentions) (6 April, 2013)

Catholic PR Committee Member Proust (Or: Pope Elizabeth?) (5 April, 2013)

The Catholic PR Unit – New Appointments (Or: Sugar, Spice and Anything Nice) (4 April, 2013)

Victorian Enquiry: Broken Rites Victims’ Organisation Submission (Or: May the Force Be With You) (1 April, 2013)

What Victorian police Say (Or: Not the Spanish Inquisition) (31 March, 2013)

A Broad Look at the Victorian Parliamentary Enquiry into Clerical Child Sexual Abuse (Or: Clayton’s Royal Commission) (30 March, 2013)

More on the NSW enquiry (Or: Upstairs and Downstairs Priests) (26 March, 2013)

Abuses in the Hunter Region of NSW (Or: A Bumper Crop) (25 March, 2013)

Background to the NSW Government enquiry (Or: Enough was not Enough) (24 March, 2013)

Who is Ultimately Responsible? (Or: Heads May Roll) (16 March, 2013)

The Seal of the Confessional (Or: Hear No Evil, Report No Evil) (5 March, 2013)

Really Good Liars (Or: A Priest in Sheep’s Clothing) (3 March, 2013)

Australia’s Own “Perversion Files” (Or: The Benefits of Cultural Exchanges) (17 February, 2013)

The Ellis Defence (Or: You Can’t Catch Me I’m the Gingerbread Man) (14 February, 2013)

We’re Not as Bad as Others (Or: Lies, Damn Lies and Rubbery Figures) (13 February, 2013)

The CEO of the Catholic PR Unit (Or: Fishing for Political Souls) (5 February, 2013)

More From Hansard (Or: Old Enemies Never Die) (4 February, 2013)

More on Mr O’Keefe (Or: Independence or Interference?) (3 February, 2013)

The Head of the PR Unit (Or: Attack Dogs Pay Off, Well) (2 February, 2013)

The Catholic’s New PR Unit (Or: Come in Spinner) (1 February, 2013)

Commissioner Fitzgerald (Or: The Pope’s Man), Cont’d (26 January, 2013)

Commissioner Fitzgerald (Or: The Pope’s Man) (25 January, 2013)