First-Person Posts

[Posts written in the first person, including posts about the blogger and this blog].

Salvation Army Abuse Witnesses’ Accounts (Or: And You Thought The Convict Days Were Long Past) (29 January, 2014)

Who Cares (Or: War Crimes) (28 January, 2014)

The Author’s Rebuttal To Mr. McClellan’s Reasons For Non-Permission To Appear At The Salvation Army Boys’ Homes Hearings And Present A Submission (Or: McClellan Rules, O.K.?) (27 January, 2014)

Salvation Army’s Royal Commission Appearance Hypocrisy (Or: Shut This Guy Up Somehow) (19 January, 2014)

Who Knows (Or: Thanks To You All) (7 January, 2014)

Royal Commission Let-Down (Or: Is The Salvation Army Being Protected?) (6 January, 2014)

Where Are We Now, Friends (Or: The Silence Is Deafening) (26 September, 2013)

Financial and Association Disclosure (Or: What? Me Compromise?) (7 September, 2013)

Where To Now? (Or: Keeping Up The Momentum) (2 August, 2013)

The Real Heroes: (Or: I’m Betting on David!) (26 May, 2013)

Where Are We Yet Again? (Or: Paedophile Priests? What? Me Worry?) (22 May, 2013)

Where Are We Now – This Time (Or: Still Not Much Happening) (21 April, 2013)

Forced Adoptions (Or: Thanks for Keeping Me Sane) (23 March, 2013)

Really Good Liars (Or: A Priest in Sheep’s Clothing) (3 March, 2013)

Where Are We Now? (Or: The First Steps in a 1,000-Step Journey) (7 February, 2013)

This Blog (Or: Seeing the Woods Despite the Trees) (17 January, 2013)

Why Comment? (Or: An Answer to My Own Question) (16 January, 2013)