Royal Commission Practices, Recommendations, etc.

The Author’s Rebuttal To Mr. McClellan’s Reasons For Non-Permission To Appear At The Salvation Army Boys’ Homes Hearings And Present A Submission (Or: McClellan Rules, O.K.?) (27 January, 2014)

Why Wally Should Be Heard (Or: Selective Hearing?) (22 December, 2013)

Indigenous Leaders Criticize Commission: (Or: It’s Hard To Be Heard Sometimes) (14 December, 2013)

The Compensation Issue (Or: Placing A Value On A Life) (12 November, 2013)

Where Are We Now, Friends (Or: The Silence Is Deafening) (26 September, 2013)

Transparency Issues (Or: Judged By Your Betters) (14 September, 2013)

Federal Government Grants to Organisations for their Royal Commission Responses (Or: Who’s In) (9 September, 2013)

The Chief Commissioner Addresses a Fund-Raising Luncheon (Or: Get Out of Jail Free Cards Now on Offer) (8 September, 2013)

For Families and Friends of Victims (Or: I’m Not Ready Yet for That) (30 August, 2013)

Who to Contact First? (Or: Choose Wisely) (27 August, 2013)

What is the Appropriate Penalty for a Cover-Up Or: Accessory During the Act) (25 August, 2013)

A Fit and Proper Organisation? (Or: Who’s Really Responsible?) (23 August, 2013)

A First Look at the Economic Impact of Abuse (Or: Who Really Pays?) (19 August, 2013)

Mandatory Reporting Laws (Or: Less Best?) (18 August, 2013)

The Need for Citizen Ombudsmen (Or: Bugger Off! I Don’t Work for You.) (16 August, 2013)

A First Look at the Internet (Or: Somebody Must Be Responsible) (14 August, 2013)

The Courts As An Institution In The Royal Commission Context (Or: You Poor Man) (12 August, 2013)

Making a Submission (Or: Unaccustomed As I Am To Public Submissions…) (11 August, 2013)

A Really Good Idea (Or: Many Hands Make Light Work) (6 August, 2013)

Oversight or Policy? (Or: Information is Power) (19 June, 2013)

A First Look at Mental Health Professions (Or: Unfit to Testify?) (16 June, 2013)

Why Judges Should Not Head Abuse Enquiries (Or: I Judge, Therefore I Am) (31 May, 2013)

The Confidentiality Agreement from Hell: (Or: Fooling Some of the People All of the Time) (18 May, 2013)

An Idiot Speaks: (Or: Poor Old Fella) (12 May, 2013)

John Laws Strikes Again (Or: Bugger Off – Loonies!) (7 April, 2013)

Economic Considerations (Or: The Victims’ Loss is Everyone’s Loss) (20 March, 2013)

Terms of Reference – Staffing (Or: We’ll Let You Know) (15 March, 2013)

Terms of Reference – Allocation for Hearings (Or: To Each their Own ) (14 March, 2013)

Public Versus Private Hearings (Or: Secret Secrets) (13 March, 2013)

Who Can Address the Royal Commission? (Or: Victims are to be Seen but Not Heard) (12 March, 2013)

Terms of Reference – Apportioning Responsibilities (Or: Robin Hood Had it Right) (11 March, 2013)

Terms of Reference – Compensation (Or: Here’s Your Brass Watch, Now Get Lost) (10 March, 2013)

Intrafamilial Abuse and Foster Care (Or: Still Swept Under the Carpet) (9 March, 2013)

Other Abuse (Or: Setting the Scene) (8 March, 2013)

Terms of Reference – Types of Abuse – Physical Abuse (Or: Things Aren’t Always Overt) (7 March, 2013)

The Terms of Reference Revisited, Part 1 (Or: Still a Host of Devils in the Detail) (6 March, 2013)

Media Opposition (Or: If You’re Right the Royal Commission’s Wrong) (1 March, 2013)

Who Opposed the Royal Commission and Why (Or: Fools Rush In) (28 February, 2013)

Some Laws that Need to be Changed (Or: The Spirit is Willing but the Law is Weak) (27 February, 2013)

The Role of Expert Witnesses in the Royal Commission (Or: Asymmetric Warfare) (21 February, 2013)

Power Distance and Abuse (Or: I Kick Therefore I Am) (12 February, 2013)

The Attorneys-General (Or: The Inevitable Baton Change) (6 February, 2013)

What Constitutes an Institution (Or: Is the BBC Literally an Institution?) (31 January, 2013)

Terms of Reference (Or: The Devil in the Detail) (18 January, 2013)

Why Comment? (Or: An Answer to My Own Question ) (16 January, 2013)