Salvation Army

“Support from the Salvation Army” (Or: Still ‘Salvos First’) (21 February, 2014)

Dear Andre, James, and Peter (Or: Come You Masters of War) (12 February, 2014)

Salvation Army Hearings Continue (Or: Still Taking Taxpayers’ Money) (30 January, 2014)

Salvation Army Abuse Witnesses’ Accounts (Or: And You Thought The Convict Days Were Long Past) (29 January, 2014)

Who Cares (Or: War Crimes) (28 January, 2014)

The Author’s Rebuttal To Mr. McClellan’s Reasons For Non-Permission To Appear At The Salvation Army Boys’ Homes Hearings And Present A Submission (Or: McClellan Rules, O.K.?) (27 January, 2014)

More Bites At The Cherry (Or: There Are The Deserving And Undeserving Poor – William Booth) (23 January, 2013)

Why the Delay? (Or: We’ll Let You Know – Sometime) (20 January, 2014)

Salvation Army’s Royal Commission Appearance Hypocrisy (Or: Shut This Guy Up Somehow) (19 January, 2014)

Inbreeding (Or: Keeping It All In The Family) (18 January, 2014)

Still Running Children’s Homes Worldwide (Or: The Buck Must Stop Somewhere) (17 January, 2014)

The Salvation Army Invades Poland (Or: World Domination) (16 January, 2014)

Salvation Army Abuses In New Zealand Children’s Homes (Or: Parish To Parish? No, Country To Country) (15 January, 2014)

More On The Salvation Army’s Employee Relations (Or: Working For The Man) (14 January, 2014)

A First Look At The Salvation Army’s Employment Practices (Or: What Would William Wilberforce Say?) (13 January, 2014)

Some More Salvation Army Children’s Homes (Or: Ve Gaf Vays Of Making You Afraid) (12 January, 2014)

Housing the Rich (Or: Corporate Shelters) (11 January, 2014)

Curry (Or: Do You Want Jesus With That?) (10 January, 2014)

Freedom Catering Group (Or: Feeding the Rich) (9 January, 2014)

Algate Boys’ Home (Or: Do As You’re Told) (8 January, 2014)

Who Knows (Or: Thanks To You All) (7 January, 2014)

Royal Commission Let-Down (Or: Is The Salvation Army Being Protected?) (6 January, 2014)

Kroc Children’s Parties (Or: With Apologies To Our American Friends) (5 January, 2014)

Salvation Army Kardinia Children’s Home (Or: What Is Still Hidden?) (4 January, 2014)

The Salvation Army Kroc Centers (Or: Crying Poor) (3 January, 2014)

Gill Memorial Boys’ Home (Or: Australia Is A Democracy, Not A Nomikocracy) (2 January, 2014)

Bexley Boys’ Home (Or: “Captain” Cane) (1 January, 2014)

The Salvos And Asylum Seekers (Or: Having Your Cake And Eating It Too) (31 December, 2013)

The Salvation Army’s Global Abuse (Or: It’s Still Happening, Worldwide) (30 December, 2013)

The Salvation Army – Olympics Connection (Or: Our Business Is Charity) (29 December, 2013)

The Salvos’ Rag Trade (Or: Rags To Riches, Literally) (28 December, 2013)

The Salvation Army Position On Sexuality (Or: They Don’t Just Shoot Horses) (27 December, 2013)

More On Salvation Army Funding Sources (Or: Purifying Tainted Money) (26 December, 2013)

The Australian Salvation Army’s Finances (Or: Melding Church And State) (25 December, 2013)

The Great Toy Heist (Or: How Can You Lose 100,000 Toys?) (24 December, 2013)

The McDonald’s Connection (Or: Feed the Homeless Crap) (23 December, 2013)

Why Wally Should Be Heard (Or: Selective Hearing?) (22 December, 2013)

What The Next Hearing Is About (Or: Nothing Is Forever) (21 December, 2013)

CLAN Submission (Or: Who Will Listen?) (7 December, 2013)

Girls Homes and Boys Homes (Or: Pick a Bale of Cotton) (4 August, 2013)

Riverview Salvation Army Boys’ Home (Or: Unfinished Business) (14 June, 2013)

Salvation Army Fullarton Girls’ Home: (Or: Are Your Hands Clean?) (10 May, 2013)

Eden Park Salvation Army Boys’ Home: (Or: The Coward) (9 May, 2013)

Salvation Army Admissions to the Victorian Enquiry (Or: Things Are Good Now, Trust Me) (22 April, 2013)

The Salvation Army, Uniting Church and Boy Scouts Heads (Or: Low Profile Heads) (18 March, 2013)

The Salvation Army (Or: The War on Kids) (4 March, 2013)

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